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You Call We Haul

The Fast, Free, Easy-to-Use Junk Car (or other vehicle) Removal Service

You Call We Haul is the nation’s most reliable vehicle removal service. We’ll pick up your junk car and tow it away quickly and efficiently. We work with the top licensed towing agents and recycling yards in the U.S. to transfer cars that have reached the end of their useable life. Your car won’t end up abandoned in a junk yard; it will get recycled and re-used.

By going through You Call We Haul, you can rest assured that your junk car will be handled responsibly. You Call We Haul is a service of Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc., the leader in the field of automobile recycling and remarketing. ARS becomes the legal owner of the vehicle on the date that it is picked up. You won’t have to worry about the tickets, fines or citations that you would be liable for if you simply gave your junk car away to a friend or an unregistered local alternative.

By using You Call We Haul’s free towing service, you’ll be doing the right thing for the environment… and for your driveway.

Visit You Call We Haul today or call 1-866-771-JUNK

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