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10 Hybrids That Teach Their Drivers to Save Fuel

July 10, 2013

Infiniti M35h Hybrid

This car takes driver coaching to the extreme, with an Eco mode that varies the resistance on the gas pedal to encourage you to accelerate slowly. The M35h will also count and display all the miles that the car has driven on electricity alone. In our test car’s case, it was more than 2000 miles for the life of the car at a time when the Infiniti had been driven 16,000 total miles. That certainly makes you feel good as a driver: It means 1 out of every 8 miles we drove in the Infiniti burned no gasoline. The dash has a graph that displays six 2-minute intervals of fuel-economy performance, showing the driver how he’s driven in the past 12 minutes and how much electricity he’s regenerated, in watt-hours. We averaged around 30.


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