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Hydrogen Automobiles – The Future of the Automotive Industry

October 28, 2012

Hydrogen vehicles make use of hydrogen as fuel for the locomotive power. In these vehicles the chemical energy of the hydrogen is converted to mechanical energy. This is done by one of the two methods: electrochemical conversion in a fuel-cell or by combustion.

The hydrogen is combusted in the internal combustion engine in hydrogen vehicles in the same manner as in the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. In the fuel-cell conversion, the electric motor is being powered by the electricity and water that is generated by the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

The prices of the gasoline are increasing everyday and there is a great consumption of fossil fuels. Also the green house gases are having a bad effect on our environment. As a result of this, researches are being made for the alternative fuels in the automotive industry.

Electricity is often mentioned as other alternative for the fuel to the automotive industry. This is a clean technology which does not release any harmful gases, but on the other hand it needs a large amount of money. On the U.S. roads you will literally find millions of automobiles which have not received any benefits from a change to the electricity.

The electric cars use highly developed lithium ions batteries which inevitably die after a specific time. These toxic batteries will be the next mountain of waste. We should all offer a significant amount of time bearing in mind all our alternatives.

One of the viable alternatives to the fossil fuel for the automobiles is the hydrogen. Some of the commercial automobiles such as the cargo trucks and buses use hydrogen in conjunction with the natural gas as fuel. Hydrogen fuel has proved to be a clean and green technology.

Hydrogen is available in large amounts on the Earth and therefore should be used on a large scale as a fossil fuel. The combustion of hydrogen in the combustion engine reduces the emission of the green house gas and also produces very little waste. While choosing an alternative fuel for the automobiles we must select a fuel having less impact on our environment. In this case hydrogen is the best alternative.

People should be encouraged to use the hydrogen vehicles. A Supplemental hydrogen fuel system is present in a company at the Arizona, which can be added to virtually any vehicle in America. It provides enough hydrogen that can be used in our automobiles.

You can experience about 30% increase in the mileage with this fuel. This will surely cut down sharply on the green house emission and thus bring out a significant change in the global warming problem.Car insurance is a must insurance the UK.

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