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The Benefits of Hybrid Automobiles

October 10, 2012

The automobile industry is raising higher and higher everyday. Many technologies have been introduced in this field. Hybrid automobile technology has given a great boost to the automobile industry. The hybrid vehicles use two or more distinct power sources for the locomotion of the vehicle.

These are mostly known as the hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). These vehicles have a combination of the internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors. Many researches are being made to find the alternative energy sources due the high fuel prices and the environmental factor.

The environment has been polluted on a large scale by the internal combustion engine. Hybrid automobiles take good care of these factors and thus are gaining virtuous attention and popularity. Most of the automobile companies are manufacturing these vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are of two types: Series hybrids and the parallel hybrids.

Series Hybrid: In the series hybrid the generator is powered by a gas engine. The generator charges the batteries which in turn powers the electric motor. The vehicle is not powered by the gasoline engine by its own. It runs only when needed. On the other hand the electric motor runs continuously. Most of the work is done by the electric motor. Automobiles using series hybrid technology gets the better mileage around the town. This technology is currently used by Ford and Toyota.

Parallel Hybrid: This has batteries for the electric motor and a fuel tank for the gas engine. The engine and the electric motor turn the transmission and thus power the vehicle. The vehicle is powered by the gas engine and the electric motor boosts the power only when needed. All this is needed to merge and pass over the other vehicles and the most important to increase the speed of the vehicle. This technology is currently used by the Honda cars.

Hybrid cars provide better mileage than the traditional internal combustion engine. The mileage they provide is between 20 and 30 miles per gallon extra than the standard one. When the car is stopped the gas engines shuts off automatically, thus saving the fuel. The engine turns on automatically when the gas pedal is pressed. When the batteries become low on power the gas engine starts charging them. Hybrid vehicles cause less pollution as a smaller amount of gasoline is burnt in these vehicles. It releases less emission into the atmosphere. Less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Thus, it helps to solve the problem of global warming.

The different parts of Hybrid Vehicles are as follows:

  1. Gas engine: This is a smaller engine which is more efficient than the standard engines in other vehicles.
  2. Fuel tank: This tank is small in size and so holds less gasoline. This tank is enough to power the vehicle as it burns less.
  3. Electric motor: This acts as both the motor as well as the generator. It accelerates the vehicle by receiving energy from the batteries.
  4. Batteries: The energy needed to power the electric motor is stored in a series of batteries.
  5. Transmission: As in the standard gasoline vehicles, the transmission in the hybrid vehicles works to propel the car forward.

Hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking process where the energy is recovered from the electric motor to the battery. The batteries are recharged and maintained in good working order with the help of this process. The energy efficiency is increased with the help of the aerodynamic designs.
Hybrid vehicles have intentional shape and have reduced frontal area of the car. It uses lightweight materials for its designs which reduce the energy that is needed to run it. These vehicles have specially designed tires that increase its efficiency. The tires are inflated to a higher pressure.

Some of the new coming technologies include more safety features, increased fuel economy, and better comfort and performance. Protect your new hybrid automobile with regular washing and waxing for protecting the finish of the car. The headlights should be maintained properly.

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