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Junk Car Recycling

July 9, 2012

Just like recycling your trash, you can recycle your car. Off course we can’t chop our cars in to pieces and place them in bins, but there are companies that can help you recycle your car.   Did you know that recycling has increased in the United States and within the last 3 years  paper & plastic recycling laws for every household are in effect for many states? Being that there are more than hundreds of thousands of vehicle at any given time left abandoned on roads and other places that can be harmful to the environment, why not learn more about vehicle recycling?

The importance of auto recycling is greater than you can imagine. There are so many parts to a vehicle that can be recycled ranging from tires, car seats and even the plastic knobs to turn on the wonderful A/C you once enjoyed. The vehicles body itself can even be used to make a newer vehicle, or maybe even steel used to help your favorite injured idol or athlete make a speedy recovery from a body injury. Vehicles do more than provide us with transportation and freedom to roam our planet. They can also be used for greater benefits once they have reached the end of life.

Your old vehicle may be sitting on a field, rotting into the ground.  Killing rich soil that can be used to produce vegetation. Its these simple little things that makes recycling your vehicle much more worth while. At YouCallWeHaul, we provide an easy, Eeo-friendly solution to hauling (for free!) and recycling your old junk car. We even work throughout the United States. Call us at 1-866-771-JUNK or online at

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