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What is Vehicle Recycling?

June 11, 2012

Vehicle recycling is the practice of using old vehicles to manufacture new vehicles. When a vehicle has reached the end of its usefulness, it is often taken to a vehicle recycling yard. These locations used to be called junk yards. In order to save resources and cut costs in many areas, vehicle recycling has become a standard method of manufacturing. Vehicles are stripped of all of their components, and the different materials are sorted into containers to be recycled into new parts.

Metal has been recycled for automobile manufacturing since the dawn of automobile manufacturing. Manufacturers also now use vehicle recycling to gather plastic, foam and rubber to be used in new vehicles. Unlike the original car-crushing machines found in junk yards, vehicle recycling yards use vehicle shredders to dismantle an old automobile. The shredder chews an automobile into small bits and a sorting machine guides the different materials into separate bins. Comprised of huge steel drums equipped with strong steel teeth, the shredder makes quick work of turning a vehicle into dinner-plate sized pieces.

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