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Ford to EV Dealers: Meet Environmental Requirements

May 10, 2012

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An environmentally friendly car dealership? Like “responsible drinking,” or “Walmart organic food,” that term at first may sound like an oxymoron. Ford Motor, however, is not only rolling out new electric vehicles (EVs), but has committed to greening its entire supply chain. This is just one example of the changes Detroit is undergoing as the Big Three rack up impressive quarterly numbers. For now, EVs are only a small part of the auto industry’s resurgence as they slowly win acceptance from skeptical commuters. To that end, Ford is requiring its dealerships selling EVs to resemble businesses that would sell…EVs.

So far 67 dealers are certified to sell the 2012 Focus Electric. The current locations are all in California, New Jersey and New York, states that already are home to a sizable percentage of electric cars. Those dealers will start selling the Focus Electric when Ford releases the new model later this spring. As many as 19 more markets will sell the vehicle by the end of this summer. Meanwhile, Ford dealerships selling the EVs have got to meet a certain set of guidelines set by the company’s Dearborn headquarters, and more are scrambling to do so because the Focus Electric will be available for sale nationwide by the end of this year.

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