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The one thing worth haggling over

February 1, 2012

According to an MSN Money article by Liz Weston on the top “5 things worth haggling over”, she mentions the #2 thing that that can cost a lot of money, can be a necessity, but many people routinely pay too much for it. What is it?

Auto repairs

Finding a mechanic you can trust is a key ingredient to keeping your car well-maintained and reliable. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay whatever the mechanic wants to charge.

If the car’s running, you can take it to competing shops for estimates. (I recently knocked $800 off a big repair this way, by taking the other shops’ bids back to the dealership’s mechanic and getting him to match them.) Even if your car is dead on arrival, you can check with a second opinion service to see how much a repair should cost and pay to tow it to another mechanic if the quoted price is out of that range.

You can haggle for discounts even on smaller charges. Robert Clark of Pennsylvania used common sense to push back against the $100 a repair shop tried to charge him for connecting a laptop to his car’s computer to read an emission code indicating what was wrong with his vehicle.

Liz’s tips: Don’t be one of the pushovers. Do some negotiating.

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