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The Basics of Recycling Vehicles

September 3, 2011

Old cars are typically hauled to an automobile dismantler, where reusable parts are removed. After removing the reusable parts and items like batteries, tires and fluids, the cars are put into a crusher and flattened into auto hulks. The hulks are shipped to ferrous scrap processors, where they are weighed for payment and unloaded.

At the scrap yard, the automobiles enter the shredder. The shredding process, which handles one car every 45 seconds, generates three streams: iron and steel; nonferrous metal; and fluff (fabric, rubber, glass, etc.).

The iron and steel are magnetically separated from the other materials. The iron and steel is then shipped to end markets or steel mills, where it is recycled to produce new steel.

Automobile Recycling at Work

  • 94% of ferrous metal is recycled into new steel
  • 65% of new steel produced in North America is made from scrap
  • 75% of a car’s content can be recycled


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