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The young and the eco-friendly

March 10, 2011

A guest blog by: Cassandra D.

A lot like other Americans, I am young and oblivious. When someone says ‘Go Green!’ the first few things I think in my head is, Why? How does this benefit me? What do I get out of this? Of course the answers are always right there and 100% true; they include answers about our world’s health and always a “your future great great great grand kids will thank you” speech. The truth is, there is a majority of us who still don’t contribute. We want something that will benefit us NOW, without actually saying that and sounding selfish. You’re in luck, I’m going to tell you a few eco-friendly things you can do, that will ALSO benefit you now.

Buy an eco-friendly car; like you didn’t see that one coming. Hybrid cars are not only better on our planet from the perspective of pollution, but they can also save you a ton on gas prices. Today our prices are about $3.50 a gallon, and only one summer ago did it reach its peak of $4.50. Our paychecks aren’t getting any bigger but apparently we can turn cash into liquid. Now, unless your Donald Trump or driving a Hummer by choice, I have a feeling you are looking to save some cash on gas. Now I know that the price of these cars are expensive, but these days car sales are down, prices are down, and lets face it.. It’s a buyers market. So if there’s any time to get a hybrid car, consider it to be now.

The second way to save money by being ego-friendly is to not litter. I’m sure your thinking, ‘How is that saving me money?’ Well, over the past years they have made a law making it illegal to litter and you can even be fined. So keep your trash in your car, empty it at the closest trashcan and save yourself a few bucks. Nothing is worse then paying $75 to keep your cup holder empty. Also, cities will be monitoring homes with/without recycle bins, which will soon lead to nation-wide recycling. So be prepared for law binding changes that will save you money if you follow them.

Last but not least, car donations.  Now, I’m positive after reading the first two paragraphs on this blog, you went out, bought a hybrid car and came back to finish reading, and your thinking, now what? Well you can donate your car.  Why would I want to donate my car, you ask? If you’re anything like me, which is young and oblivious (you can also add in college student to that list), you’re probably driving a beat up ’93 Geo Prism.  If you donate your vehicle, you can claim up to $500 or more on your taxes as a deduction! On top of money back, you are donating to an excellent cause, where the money they get for the vehicles can be put towards building homes for others. So now you’re helping others, while you help yourself.  If you would like more information on donating your car I recommend Car Donation Wizard.

I hope that I was able to inform you of what some of us young (and older) Americans can do to save money, or avoid spending more! Even the oblivious individuals can still put in some effect, not only to benefit ourselves but others too.  With one step after another, we will make our world a better place for us AND our future great great great grand kids.

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