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Looking for a new car? Think about going green!

February 25, 2011

By guest blogger: Jamal Stutts

We are used to buying cars that require ridiculous amounts of gasoline to get from point A to Point B. Why not upgrade, save yourself some money and reduce pollution at the same time? Green cars like hybrids have really taken off in the new millennium. Each year there are thousands more hybrid and electric vehicles on the road then ever before, running on a mixture of gasoline and electricity. Some cars run on petroleum and ethanol, but for the most part petroleum. Major automobile companies such as Ford, Acura, Lexus, and Cadillac are really stepping up to plate and making their cars more efficient and available to their consumers, as these types of vehicles increase in demand.  Be prepared to see your favorite luxury vehicle or SUV in a whole new, greener way.

Hybrid vehicles come in different types; the most common one is the the parallel hybrid. This car’s transmission is powered by the an internal combustion engine and an electric engine.  Then you have a series hybrid where you can partially travel on battery power alone. This type of car uses gas to power a generator that will supply electricity to run the motor. Third, we have the most increasingly popular plug-in hybrid. Just like plugging in the charger to charge your mobile phone, you plug your car in each night. The plug-in hybrids run on battery power alone.

These cars reduce waste and save $$$ at the same time so what is greater than that? You get better gas mileage, sending the savings right back into your pocket. I always try to base the situation of how effective these cars are based on one scenario we can all relate to. The dreaded rush hour traffic jam. Now imagine sitting in that traffic jam with the vehicle you own now, burning gas as you move about 3 miles per hour every 30 seconds in stop and go traffic.  Did you know you waste more gas idling your car for 2 minutes, then the amount needed to turn it on? Going green is a smart choice. It reduces your carbon footprint on the world and saves our scarce resources. Don’t know what to do with your old vehicle?  You can donate it to charity or recycle it. This is a fool proof and effective start to making greener and smarter choices in your everyday life. Help an organization, and help make our planet become a greener place to live.

Special thanks to:
Hybrid Cars

Green Footsteps

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