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How to recycle your old boat

February 21, 2011

An environmentally conscious look at what goes into boat recycling.

How the boat recycling process works –

First – all metal hardware is taken off the boats including masts, riding, stanchions, hatches, winches, anchors, chain, engines, tanks, wiring, batteries and ballast keels. Many times, re-usable hardware such as engines or seats that can be cleaned up are sold in secondhand boat stores.

Second – Damaged and unusable hardware is sold to a metal recycling company after being melted down for reuse. Recycling companies typically accept aluminum, steel, copper or lead.

Third – Batteries containing potentially harmful chemicals must be disposed of properly. If batteries are not disposed of properly they can release the chemicals contained within. Some auto parts stores may be able to re-sell batteries in good condition.

Fourth – Fiberglass boat material is crushed, grinded up and separated. These are then sold to manufacturing industries based on the type of fiberglass and fineness of grind. Grinding fiberglass into small pieces or powder ensures that it can easily be reused in other products.

Unfortunately, the cost of recycling a boat right now is more expensive than dumping a used boat at a landfill. If you’d like to take the environmentally conscious high road and recycle your boat today, visit You Call We Haul now and we’ll pick up your boat and safely recycle it. Let us help you do your part to protect our environmental resources.

Source: Recycling Dead Boats

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