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Retire your ride? Canada’s vehicle recycling program drives British Columbia’s future

January 27, 2011

British Columbia residents will soon breathe easier thanks to Canada’s new vehicle recycling program, Retire Your Ride. The program aims to prevent the release of 1,944,000 kilograms of smog-forming emissions into British Columbia’s air by removing as many vehicles from the roads before the program ends on March 31, 2011. Managed and delivered locally by Scrap-It and nationally by Clean Air Foundation, Retire Your Ride effectively and efficiently recycles 1995 model year or older vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner. This national initiative is an effort to improve air quality and encourage the use of sustainable transportation. At the time of this post, nearly 123,000 vehicles have been removed from Canada’s roadways. Stateside, you can do your part by having You Call We Haul tow away your junk car for free.

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