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Keeping current: the new wave of electric car visionaries

January 18, 2011

“It has never been an easy road for those who strive to be different and change the dynamics of an industry built on petroleum, speed, and steel.” From solar cars, to the first electric car prototype, the hardworking people of the MacCready Group and General Motors have proved that they are ready to take the future of electric cars into their own hands.

“Even with incredible vision, the process of transforming great ideas into reality can sometimes take decades…or never happen at all. There are times, though, when the sweet spot of opportunity and need meets the well-timed introduction of truly innovative products…and great things happen. Today, that vision has morphed into reality as this Green Car Vision Award™ winner – the Chevrolet Volt – has come to market and earned the distinction as first ever electric car to win Green Car Journal’s 2011 Green Car of the Year®.”

For a list of the runners up to the Green Car Vision Award™, check out the full article here.

What’s so great about the Chevy Volt? This list is not short…

>>The Volt reduces our dependence on gas being that it can drive up to 40 electric miles on pure electric charge, emission free

>>Volt uses a range-extending gas generator that produces enough energy to power it for hundreds of miles on a single tank of gas

>>Just plug it in to charge the battery, and most people can commute gas- and tailpipe emissions-free for about $1.50 per day

>>The Volt can also be set to charge at specific, off-peak times

>>Your Volt will be fully charged in about 10 hours, depending on climate, with standard 120-volt line, or as little as 4 hours using a dedicated 240-volt line

>>Lithium-ion cells in the Volt’s battery outperform nickel metal hydride cells (found in today’s hybrids) in terms of life cycle

>>Real-time information on energy usage and powerflow, and it even displays efficiency tips

>>Aerodynamics that maximize the distance per charge and miles per gallon of fuel

>>For more information about the Volt, click here

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